How do we choose the right fabric?

How do we choose the right fabric?

Curtain is an element that makes a strong impact in a space decoration. Many times it is not so simple to choose the right curtains for your space.

You should consider several parameters, so that the final result is aesthetically high as well as consistent with the practical and functional requirements of the space. The choice has to be made accordingly to space usage (bedroom, office, living room, etc.) depending on the season, the location and the orientation.


In a bedroom or living room we can choose between different design styles, for example pencil-pleated heading, pinch pleats heading, looped heading, ribbons, ruffles, panels, roman shades etc. depending on the look you want to create.

However, in an office space would be appropriate to go with a minimal outline, for example panels, romans, straight lines, with metal rings, metallic or wooden blinds, horizontal or vertical etc.


For spring and summer season sheer curtains, cotton or linen, give freshness allowing light and air to get in the room.

They can be combined with additional side panels of heavier fabric quality in order to provide shades when is needed.

In the winter, we can combine light weight curtains with heavy linens, velvet or woolen lined curtains that work also as window insulation.


A window or a balcony door which has a sea view, we might not want to cover it completely, so a semi-transparent fabric can give us the feeling of freedom and unlimited view. On the contrary, in the mountain where we have lower temperatures, heavier quality of curtains in earthy colors can surround us with a feeling of warmth.


If the space is east and west oriented we need to consider that we will have sun light most of the time. So the need for shade can be increased especially in the summer.

A north oriented room will need in winter time heavier curtains that ensure better insulation and in summer time lighter curtains that leave the light and the cool air passing through.

Whatever your choice may be, fabrics with higher quality would always be the best solution. In the market we can find different fabric qualities for indoor and outdoor.

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