What is roman blind shade and when we choose it?

What is roman blind shade and when we choose it?

Roman blind is a panel type curtain that is often used instead of sheers. Sometimes it can be used alone for a minimal effect. A roman blind can be raised and lowered by a system of cords and concertinas into folded sections when raised. For this reason it should be installed higher above the window. If the windows are sliding, 10 -15 cm is enough. If the windows are opening in the room, it is good to place the roman 20 -30 cm above the windows to allow a better opening.

Roman measurement (applicable to rollers as well)

Roman on wall

We measure the window and add 10 -15 cm in height.

5 – 10 right and left

15 – 30 cm above the window (if the window is opening in the room BE CAREFUL to add 20 – 30 cm in order to open it easily)

For example the final dimensions of the roman will be: 1.20 cm wide, 1.55 cm high.

In the final measurement you should calculating the sewing allowances, so it is better to buy 20 – 30 cm of additional fabric.





Roman in recess
When we want to place a roman blind in a window recess, we measure the length and deduct 2 cm so the roman can slide easily. Correspondingly, we also measure the height. We pay attention measuring different levels as the walls are often not equal. We use the smallest dimension.

If you want to make sure that you are buying the right quantity of fabric, send us your measures and we will contact you to help you.

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